Permanent Supportive Housing

Florence Crittenton’s Unlimited Possibilities for Learning Independence for Today (UPLIFT) was created to give young women, ages 18-25, the experience of living independently while practicing financial management and other self-sufficiency skills.

Clients in the UPLIFT program live in Florence Crittenton’s permanent supportive housing units where they are taught day-to-day living skills, and given job training and counseling to prepare them to successfully transition into life as an independent adult.

UPLIFT participants often have no stable family support system. Some may have opted out of the State’s foster system prematurely and failed at living on their own; others may have been released from the system due to age. Still others may be pregnant or parenting on their own. In any case, our program enables participants to receive the on-going coaching and support needed to help them live safely and make wise choices for the future. In all cases, the goal is to help these young women achieve self-reliance and true independence while progressing with their education and maintaining gainful employment.