Intake Information

Referral Process

The process of Referrals for any of the Florence Crittenton programs begins with a submission from a behavioral health network representative, a probation officer, or a Child Protective Services Case Manager. All referral should be sent to

For other inquiries of the Florence Crittenton Programs or questions regarding eligibility, funding or admission criteria, please contact the Intake Department.

When submitting a referral for Level 2 (unlocked) BHRF, please submit the following items via email to Any information that is not provided at time of referral submission can cause a delay in the referral review process.

Documents needed for referral submission:

  • Current Placement Information and contact (phone/email). Please provide in body of email.
  • Legal Guardian name and contact information and/or DCS CM contact information (phone and email), if applicable. Please provide in body of email.
  • Insurance information and prior authorization showing approval for Level 2 BHRF level of care.
  • High Needs Case Manager or best contact for referral follow up questions.
  • Medication List
  • OOH packet that includes last two CFT notes, current treatment plan and most recent comprehensive assessment and most recent psych eval. (Additional information maybe asked for during the referral review).

Intake Department Contacts

Jessica Young  | Intake Supervisor   602.288.4509

Edith Carrera | Clinical Case Manager  602.288.7318 ext. 194