Girls Ranch

Girls Ranch is a licensed residential group home that provides housing and comprehensive services to pregnant and parenting teens, ages 12-18. This home offers pregnant or parenting teens the opportunity to live with their children and be surrounded by Florence Crittenton staff that assist with child care, parenting skills, attachment, and knowledge of child nutrition and development. This is paramount as the majority of residents participating in the program remain in the care and custody of the Arizona Department of Child Safety until the age of 18.

Girls Ranch offers 24-hour care and staff supervision within a community-based, residential setting. The structured home environment provides private rooms and shared common areas along with space for recreation, group and independent life skills. Girls Ranch provides a safe, stable and nurturing environment for teens that cannot live at home, meeting the needs of young women who have suffered trauma related to abuse, neglect, substance use, victimization and emotional issues, as well as those in need of safe shelter, supportive environment and a place to heal.

The Girls Ranch program provides young women with an optimal learning environment to develop their own natural support systems. By engaging in the community intensive program, our young women attend school in the community, participate in various community events, volunteer, and if appropriate, be encouraged to seek employment. Assisting our girls in these essential skills supports them in their journey to self-reliance and long-term stability.